Making Your Dog the Happiest Pet This Christmas by Showering Them With Wonderful Gifts

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Pets have always made life happier. It’s strange how much delight furry animals can give their owners despite not knowing how to talk and communicate the same way as humans. Still, they are part of the family and deserve similar appreciation as other household members. Different kinds of animals can be low or high maintenance — it depends on their character, breed, and physical needs, but considering the happiness they give every day, don’t you think they deserve the best?

This coming Christmas, your shopping list must be full of items for your loved ones and friends, but you can still make it longer by adding a few for your beloved furry companion. Dogs are highly sentimental; the toy you’ve bought for them when they first came home might still be their most favorite and won’t change it for new and cuter ones.

However, there are other things and activities you can give your pet to make them feel special this season. Keep reading to know the perfect gift you can give your best friend.

Delicious Treats

Pets can be picky when it comes to meals, but if it’s treats, you can trust that they snatch up a cookie or a bone seconds after you’ve shown it to them. Other treats can be unhealthy, while others come packed with nutrients.

When selecting delicious delicacies as a gift, it’s better to opt for the healthier ones so that you can shower them with plenty of it during Christmas day. Aside from treats, you can let them feast on meals they especially enjoy and make them feel loved by filling them up with sumptuous food.

New Toys

Although they have favorite toys that they won’t give away no matter how shabby they look, buying them new ones will still set their tails wagging. The more toys they have, the more things they can use to entertain themselves with once the yuletide season is over, and you need to focus on your work once again.

You can even use this as a chance to keep them from destroying your home furniture by purchasing chew toys and a scratch post, so they can safely release their pent-up energy without damaging your stuff.

A Fresh Wardrobe

Purchasing new clothes for Christmas feels fitting, especially if you plan to wear them while greeting the new year. It’s the same with pets. They are already cute in their fur alone, but when you dress them up in an adorable costume or some stylish garments, their charm will skyrocket even more.

Aside from clothes, you can also get them a new leash, a collar with their name embossed on it, or a vest harness if they feel uncomfortable with wearing a leash to make them stand out during your walks.

A Day With Their Pals

Your pet’s closest confidante will always be you, but at times, like humans, they also need to spend a day with their pals. The year has prevented people from freely going outdoors, including dogs, but now that public health protocols have relaxed, you can schedule a play date with your pet’s furry friends.

Another excellent idea is to get a Doberman from a top breeder and give the puppy a forever home this Christmas while gifting your pet a new playmate as a present. For the play dates, it’s best to have them at the park to let them run around and play to their hearts’ content without knocking over furniture.

More Outdoor Dates

Besides play dates with their closest dog chums, you can also bring them with you during your simple outdoor strolls, day trips, or overnight stays. After being cooped up at home for months, your pet also needs a dose of fresh air and new scenery.

You can plan to spend Christmas at a camping site with your pet or stay by the beach and enjoy delicious holiday treats over the relaxing sound of crashing waves and refreshing sea breeze.

Time Together
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Thanks to the comprehensive vaccine rollout, the virus now has less risk, allowing various sectors’ operations to go back to normal, which means that you can also go back to the office any time soon. Working from home has been great since you got to bond lots with your pet, but once January comes, you’ll have to settle for less time together.

To make up for it, you can start spending more moments with each other at present by going on daily walks, playing in the garden, teaching them fun tricks to keep them active and hone their agility, and simply snuggling on your couch.

This season, apart from making the people closest to your heart happy, giving your furry companion an enjoyable time should also be your priority. By showering your pet with simple yet meaningful gifts, you can make them feel loved.

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