When Driving Out of State: Must-knows Before You Go

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There can be a dozen reasons why one might need to drive out of state. You might need to go on a business trip that requires you to move across different states. You could be planning to move to another state and needs to spend a few days there so you can find a new home. Or maybe you plan on going on a road trip. No matter the reason for your need to drive out of state, there are specific considerations you can’t afford to skip.

Check if You Need a Temporary License Plate

Your license plate is proof that your car is yours and registered. Are you sporting a vehicle that you recently bought, or maybe you are importing your vehicle out of the country? Are you moving out of state? Having a temporary license plate is what you need so that you can drive legally in or outside the state.

You can get in trouble if your car is not registered before you drive. You need at least a temporary tag to drive legally. Know the paperwork required and the costs associated so you can quickly apply for your car’s registration.

Never Skip a Trip to the Mechanic

Some car owners won’t even consider taking their car to the mechanic before going out of state. But since you are going for a long road trip, taking your vehicle to your trusted mechanic becomes a must-do. This way, you can prep your car before the drive.

It does not even matter if your car is working perfectly fine, has never failed you when driving long distances, or if you bought it brand new. A reliable mechanic’s safety inspection will ensure your safety and convenience while driving on unfamiliar roads. Usually, mechanics will consider the following before your trip.

  • Fluid check
  • Tire check
  • Brake check
  • Lighting check
  • Tune-up
  • Parts inspection

Ask your local mechanic for tips on maintaining optimum performance and what you can do in case your car breaks down while on the road. If they have your car’s vehicle history, it will be easier for them to let you know the proper precautionary measures to take. They might even recommend a few mechanics in your destination in case you run into some car troubles along the road.

Check for Travel Restrictions

One’s right to travel is limited during the Covid-19 pandemic. Governments from some states place travel restrictions to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Only certain travelers are allowed to pass, including healthcare workers and other essential workers during the crisis.

Make sure to do your research and see if your destination still has travel restrictions in place. There are many reliable sources online that provide up-to-date travel information for visitors. This will save you the hassle and headaches in the future.

Plan Your Route and Rest Stops

If this is your first time driving to another state, make sure to plan your route. Use your GPS and plug in your destination. This will give you alternative routes in case some roads are blocked or unavailable.

It pays to invest in different apps to make your route planning easier. You will feel ready even before you start driving your vehicle. Don’t forget about mapping your rest stops.

One thing some travelers forget is to check the rush hours and popular travel times in specific destinations. Avoiding rush hours will help you reach your destination faster and with lesser hassles. Since fewer vehicles are on the road, you are also increasing your chances of dodging accidents.

Prep Your Travel Essentials

What are the things you can’t go without when traveling love periods of time? When driving out of state, you need more than just your regular travel documents. This is especially true if you only have a temporary license plate.

It helps if you have travel insurance on top of your car insurance. In case something happens, you know you and your travel companions are covered. Know that no matter your mode of transportation, you can find matching travel insurance.

If you have prescription medications, be sure to bring them. Talk to your healthcare providers so that they can make extra prescriptions. This way, you can have enough to last you even if your trip takes longer than planned.

It does not matter your reason for going on a road trip out of state. What matters is your safety, health, and convenience. You can consider this short list as your guide for better peace of mind on your next out-of-state road trip.

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