How Work-From-Home Pet Owners Can Spend More Time With Their Pets

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Pets reduce loneliness and promote their owners’ well-being. This has been true at the height of the pandemic. Many pet owners believed they were able to face the stress caused by the pandemic because of their dogs and cats, according to a University of the West of Scotland study.

Pets, on the other hand, seem happier about the new work-from-home arrangement. Unfortunately, according to a study shared by National Geographic, pets absorb what their owners are feeling. If you’re stressed, they are, too.

Knowing this, how can you help your pet the same way it helped you during your stressful days during the pandemic? How can you spend more time with your pet when you’re still busy working, even if you’re at home? This article will help you out. Find out below how you can spend more time with your pet even if you’re busy working at home.

The Basics

At the outset, your pet should have its own dedicated space where it can rest and sleep. It should also have proper meals and a supply of water. Treats also help pets to feel calm and at peace in their owners’ homes.

Mental stimulation and exercise are also crucial for your furry friend. Provide a toy that can stimulate your pet’s thinking capacity. A puzzle toy, squeakers, interactive toys, and most treat dispensers can work as mental stimulation tools for your pet.

For exercise and if you have a dog, make sure to walk it outdoors at least once a day, every day. Cats can be brought outdoors for walks, too. But if your cat is not comfortable being on a leash, you can use a cat backpack or stroller instead. It may not be able to move its feet while confined, but it can still see the outdoors, which is beneficial for its mental health.

Continuing, here are some ways on how you can spend more time with your pets at home, even if you’ve many works to do and think about.

Visit a Park or Pet Cafe

If you have a dog, bring it to a dog park. Dogs are known to be social creatures. They need interaction from other dogs, as well. It’s best to bring it to a dog park where other dogs can play with it. And even though your dog isn’t exactly playing with you while you’re there, you two are still spending time together.

Aside from your time together, dogs benefit from playing with other dogs. It helps avoid aggression problems and release their pent-up energy because of too much time spent indoors.

Pet cafes are also a great destination where you and your pet can spend time together. Most pet cafes are dedicated to cats, but some dining facilities also accept other kinds of pets.

A visit to a dog park or pet cafe doesn’t have to take lots of time. You can allot 30 minutes to an hour while you’re there. This can provide ample time for your dog to play with other dogs or your cat to explore the vicinity and interact with other cats.

Bring Your Pet to Your Adventures

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Go a little farther with your outdoor excursions. On weekends, bring your pet to your hikes or whatever outdoor adventure is to your liking—kayaking in a lake, going for a countryside drive, camping in a forest, or a Saturday trip to the beach.

Travel and adventures have been known to improve mental health, and they can be suitable for pets, too. It’s an excellent way to spend time with your pet, away from the confinement of home. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your pet getting left behind at home while you enjoy yourself in the outdoors.

However, before you go off on an adventure, make sure you’ll have the necessary harnessing tools to keep your pet safe while outdoors. You don’t want to lose track of your pet as it runs off to chase squirrels.

Make Your Home More Livable

Repair any problems or install elements that can improve the function of your home. At first, this will eat away your time, but it will also result in you having more time for your pet.

If problems are repaired, and elements are installed, you don’t have to think about them often or worry about how they’ll pose risks in the future. You also don’t have to spend time creating temporary solutions to address issues. For example, having seamless gutters installed by an experienced contractor can lessen your time going to the roof to clear debris out of your gutters. The key here is to make it easier for you to do chores to have more time for your pet.

Find More Ways to Bond With Your Pet

It’s important to give pets the love and care they deserve, even if you’re busy working. Consider the tips here to help you spend more time with your pet while working or after your tasks are done. If you have other activities, always try to include your pet.

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