Balancing Life with Your Plants and Pets

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Taking care of your plants and animals simultaneously requires an investment of your time, effort, and loyalty. During the pandemic, people spent more money on their pets as they stayed longer at home. Likewise, younger folks with purchasing power are putting their money into buying and maintaining greenery in their households. Since these two honorary members of the family often find themselves in the hearts of their owners, it only makes sense to notice their similarities.

For instance, owners often prefer to have an insulated roof over their pets and plants to make sure that they will be protected regardless of the weather. Due to the high maintenance nature of both, it is crucial to ensure that they get everything they need. This means people have to look into allotting a budget for the shade they need, as well as the food and water that they consume daily. Of course, the attention required varies- depending on the kind of greens and animals living at home.

1. Shade

As mentioned earlier, both pets and plants need shade from the sun. The average global temperature is on the rise, and not everything is heat-resistant. Some greenery might wither, while animals could become dehydrated if they stay in the hot weather for too long.

It can be heart-wrenching for fruit-bearing trees and shrubs to see them die because of dehydration, giving way to a lot of water loss. Similarly, animals with a lot of furs, like hairy dogs, will suffer from dehydration and could pass out. They might not have lost consciousness, but they will be too weak to get up.

This is why proper shade is necessary to protect plants and animals from the heat. These problems can be avoided if the owner pays enough attention to both of the commitments they have made. After all, once the greenery and pet are adopted, they are expected to be in the care of the homeowner. Aside from excessive sunlight, enough barriers can also limit the hot air surrounding both plants and animals. This way, they can be kept cool during the summer, and their systems will not be in shock.

For instance, you should avoid watering your plants in the hot sun, especially if it is late in the afternoon. This can disrupt their water system, and they might not react as well as you would like to the liquid. Therefore, it is also ill-advised to add fertiliser in the middle of the day. Owners should schedule their garden maintenance for their plants early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

2. Water

Like how plants and animals respond to too much heat, they do not fare so well in excess water. Depending on your pet, they might not be too great of a swimmer in case they need to be. But they also can suffer from overhydration, with alarming symptoms like nausea.

On the other hand, cacti, for example, do not respond to a lot of water. They can suffer from being waterlogged, causing their roots to die. Knowing the right amount of water that either need will be the first step in making sure that they are both okay.

If you happen to have both in your home, it can also make a dent in your water bill if there are too many. Aside from the equipment needed to bathe the pets and water your plants, you should also have a monthly budget for their water consumption. Staying on top of those finances will help you sleep better at night as a parent of plants and animals.

3. Food to Grow

The greens in your home will need nutrients from fertiliser to flourish, while the animals will get their share from their from the food you give. However, this can be costly, depending on what you decide to buy. In terms of fertilisers, going organic can be expensive at the start but will save you money in the long run. On the other hand, dogs and cats with luxurious genes need special feeds to be maintained. Otherwise, their stomachs and coats might not handle subpar food well.

Overall, it can be challenging to take care of both plants and animals at the same time. However, as long as they are an investment in your happiness and overall well-being, being an owner is always worth it. Make sure that you stay committed to maintaining and caring for them no matter how busy your schedule gets. You can be proud of the growth and progress they will have in the future.

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