Fun Ways to Bond with Your Dog in the Outdoor Setting

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Building a relationship with your dog is like establishing friendships with humans. You have to find time to spend with them. It is only then that they will develop trust in you. Sharing common interests will also help to build some connection.

Summer and spring present many opportunities to spend time outdoors with your dog. This furry companion thrives well in the natural environment. They love to spend time outdoors as it boosts their physical and mental health. There are many activities that you and your pet can do. These pursuits can be as near as your backyard, or somewhere a little further. Ready to indulge your dog with undivided companionship? Read on for some inspiration.


It is a dog’s nature to patrol a territory. Breeds like the German Shepherd and Border Collie are excellent companions in farming. Imagine a day in fields of corn, wheat, and soybeans with an excellent foliar fertilizer. Dogs touring such healthy grounds will feel energized.

The good news is they can manifest this same energy even in a smaller piece of land such as a garden backyard. A well-defined dog pathway can help them to feel like they are guarding a bigger territory. They would love to scope the area and check your blooms and greenery.

Some breeds of dogs are natural diggers. Terriers, Dachshunds, and Siberian Huskies are some examples. This is part of their hunting nature. Thus, they might like the idea of gardening with you. You may work together in your garden. As you dig and plant, allow them to do the same. Set aside an area for your dog’s digging pit. You may hide their treats and toys there, too. Enjoy as you see them go deeper in deeper into the hole with soil flying around and with their tails wagging.

Backyard Fun

A backyard is a wonderland for dogs even without the involvement of plants. There are many activities that dogs can do in this setting.

Playing fetch is a natural mood booster for them. Certain breeds like the Golden Retriever loves this game so much. In reality, it is more than a game for them but an ingrained instinct. Instead of the old-fashioned wood that may contain toxic substances, find other alternatives. There are many fetching toys in the market such as balls and ropes.

You can also try some agility activities for your dogs. It does not need to be like a professional course. Scout for agility equipment in your local pet shops and set it up yourself. Your dog will enjoy overcoming obstacle after obstacle.

If you want a low preparation and non-tiring activity on your part, you can always turn on the sprinklers. Dogs love to play with water. Be sure to check them, though, because they may experience water intoxication.

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Hiking and Camping

Hiking and camping are something that your dog will enjoy. Though it will take extra preparations, the experience you would gain is worth the extra work. You may engage your dog in many activities here. Some examples are scent work or tracking, swimming, and enjoying the outdoors.

You can practice a little with your furry companion to make them comfortable on this trip. It is important to know the energy level of your dog. Avoid overdoing your activities. Do not forget also to pack some camping gear for your pet. Always ensure their safety. Check against insect bites, drowning, heatstroke, or toxic wild plants. If done right, hiking and camping with your dog will leave you with some of the best memories.

Going to a Dog Park

If you want something outside your home but is in an urban setting, a dog park can be your go-to place. This place allows your furry pet to run around unleashed. They can go in endless circles, play on a pile of leaves, or practice some new tricks with you.

But, the best part of being in a dog park is the chance for your pet to socialize with other dogs. It is best to start early in brushing up on their socialization skills. The best time to do this is between three and 12 weeks of your dog’s life. Having a socialized pet leads to a happier and less aggressive state. Allowing your dog to socialize provides them with playtime and many more benefits.

These are only some options that you have if you want to bond with your dog. Observe them and try to choose an activity that you know they would enjoy. Being in the outdoors will release their pent-up energy. Also, your dog will feel loved, get their mind stimulated, and enjoy time with you.

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