The Most Creative and Quirky Venues for Weddings

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Do you have a friend who went really crazy during her wedding? Like full-on Bridezilla mode? Do you know a couple who decided to get married in a parking lot of a local mall because they have a lot of memories of an important event that had happened there? Couples can go really crazy with their wedding choices. We know that as long as they are happy, no one should judge them for their weird ideas.

Shed or Barn

Weddings can surely happen in barns on ranches, but do they happen inside a shearing shed? Or inside a barn with the actual farm animals and other cattle?  Many couples have chosen this route because they want that real rustic feel to their weddings, and only barns and sheds can help them achieve that look. Although event stylists have been great in the last decade, there’s nothing like having a bag of wool next to the bride to get that real rustic feel.

Hot Air Balloon

Want to get married in midair? You can do that on a plane, but it will be expensive because you will have to rent a private one. How about getting married while riding a hot air balloon. You can get your guests onto other balloons, then have the ceremony up in the air. What could possibly be cooler than that?

Safari Park

Under certain strict conditions, you may be allowed to get married in a safari park in South Africa. It’s exotic, unusual, and adventurous, and you’ll have the tigers, leopards, cheetahs, and elephants as your guests. Kidding! They’ll be far away from your ceremony, of course.


How about having your guests hike to a cliff to watch you say your “I dos?” This isn’t possible for your parents and grandparents, so you’ll have to rent a helicopter to take them up the cliff. But it would be wonderful to say your vows while standing on the edge of the cliff with a hundred-meter dive to the sea below—wild and amazing. Couples are doing this now because of the excitement and the natural background that will be evident in the wedding photos and videos.


Eerie as it may sound, but some couples actually decide to get married in an underground cave. Thankfully, some caves are safe enough to have people over. If you decide to get married in a cave, however, you might have to limit the number of guests that you’ll invite. You can’t invite claustrophobic people, too. They might not feel well spending an hour inside a cave.

Adventure Park

Wedding at an adventure park

Have you ever dreamed that you’re a Disney prince or princess? Well, lucky for you, Disneyland has just allowed its park premises to be the venue for your wedding. So yes, your dream of becoming a Disney princess can finally come true, thanks to Disneyland.

It doesn’t really matter where you want to get married as long as you’re with the person you want to spend your life with. You can get married in your own backyard and still have the most amazing of times. Whether it’s a ceremony as grand as Kate Middleton’s or as simple as having it in your house or as weird as getting married in the wild, you’re perfectly allowed to do it. What matters is staying true to the vows you’re going to make.

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