Making Your Deck Pet-friendly With Upgrades and Improvements

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  • Non-slip coatings can increase safety on pet-friendly decks while protecting against water intrusion. 
  • Pet gates and fences provide security, can contain messes, and add aesthetic value. 
  • Pet-proof railings keep pets safe and provide an unobstructed view for visitors and owners. 
  • Animal-friendly plants add color and stimulation to pet-friendly decks while avoiding potential hazards. 

Having a pet-friendly deck is an important asset for any homeowner. It provides your furry friends with extra outdoor space to run, play and explore, and it’s also a great way to entertain family and friends.

However, certain upgrades should be considered if you want your pet-friendly deck to last for years. This article will look at some of the most effective pet-friendly upgrades you can make to get maximum enjoyment out of your deck.

Non-slip coatings

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When deciding to upgrade the deck of a pet-friendly home, it is important to consider the use of non-slip coatings. Non-slip coatings, such as decks and stairs, are applied to surfaces with potential slipping hazards. This can help keep your pet (and you!) safe by promoting stability and traction, even in wet conditions.

Polyurea coating is one of the most popular options as it ensures outstanding longevity even in extreme outdoor conditions while providing unbeatable protection against water intrusion. Applying an appropriate non-slip coating to your pet-friendly deck is a great way to ensure safety without compromising style and convenience.

Pet protection upgrades

Here are some upgrades you can add to your deck to ensure your pet’s safety:

Pet gates

Pet gates designed for decks are an excellent pet-friendly upgrade. The added protection for pets and children makes this accessory a must-have for any deck. Made of durable materials such as wood or aluminum, these gates can withstand the elements while providing a safe play area for pets to explore. Additionally, pet gates can contain messes from your furry friends or unwanted pests, reducing cleanup time and damage to your deck.

Not only do they provide safety, but they are also aesthetically pleasing; some even come with different options like pickets or lattice patterns. Installing pet gates is an easy and worthwhile task that will add value and convenience to any home’s outdoor area. Therefore, all homeowners should consider incorporating pet gates into their deck design when looking to make a lasting impression on their beloved tail-wagging family members.

Pet Fencing

Pet fencing is an important factor to consider when building a pet-friendly deck. Rather than leaving your furry companion to roam freely, pet fencing provides a safe and secure outdoor space that is still comfortable and enjoyable for your pet. It can be configured with inlaid picket or wire fence panels, pressure-treated railings, or even wrought iron fences if you want the ultimate durability.

When installed properly, this custom decking will help keep pets from falling off and prevent other animals from entering the space. In short, pet fencing provides peace of mind and style when upgrading your deck for your beloved pet’s safety.

Pet-proof railing systems

A pet-proof railing system can be an excellent choice when considering pet-friendly upgrades for outdoor decks. This system uses specially designed mesh panels that fit into the opening of a deck railing, preventing smaller pets from squeezing through and falling off the edge. The mesh material is also strong enough to support cats and small dogs as they leap up to look around or lay in the sun while providing other users an unobstructed view.

Choosing this type of railing system rather than traditional balusters ensures pets can safely move around while ensuring safety features remain in place so owners and visitors alike can enjoy peace of mind. Pet-proof railing systems are a great way to make decks pet-friendly without sacrificing style or security for large and small fur friends.

Animal-friendly plants

When planning a pet-friendly deck upgrade, animal-friendly plants are an important factor. A well-planned variety of pet-friendly plants can make the deck look amazing and provide your four-legged friend with plenty of stimulating and natural materials to explore and play with.

Taking into account the safety and health of your animal companion is essential, so you must opt for species that don’t easily break down if chewed and that aren’t toxic if ingested. Good additions to any pet-friendly garden design include shrubs like bayberry, mugo pine, boxwood, junipers, and strong grasses such as blue oat and pampas. Such choices allow pets and humans to enjoy their time outdoors without harm.

Outdoor Lighting

Five light bulbs with one lighted up

When considering outdoor lighting to update and enhance a pet-friendly deck, important aspects to consider go beyond aesthetic appeal. Research the ideal bulbs that emit low heat to avoid overheating the area while providing sufficient light. Also, choose sturdy fixtures to withstand routine movement from excited pets and a bit of rain.

Finally, select a lighting control that is properly compatible with any additional pet accessories or play equipment added after lighting has been installed. Considering all of these elements can help create a beautiful space for entertaining family and friends without sacrificing safety and functionality for the pup who will frequent the area the most.

These are just a few of the pet-friendly upgrades you can make to your deck. With the right additions, your deck can become an enjoyable and safe outdoor space for both you and your furry friends. And when it comes time to sell, these improvements will be sure to add value to your home.

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